Rochelle Sward

Rochelle Sward is a regional Registered Dietitian who provides education and support to 13 accounts in both Minnesota and Iowa. Rochelle deeply values working with student populations whether it be at the K-12 or University level. In her experience, students offer a great perspective on trends surrounding our favorite topic - food! 

Rochelle also assists students and staff with dietary restrictions. Her mission is to ensure our guests have access to wholesome, delicious and allergen-safe meal options in our dining services locations. 

Her Services Include: 

Food Allergy Management 

Special Diet Accommodation Requests 

Dining Hall Tours

Healthy Dorm Room Cooking Demonstrations

Nutrition and Wellness Presentations and Programming 

Sports Nutrition 

Mindful Eating on Campus 

Food Sample Events 

Wellness Fairs 

Do you have a nutrition or wellness related question? 

You can contact Rochelle at